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Specialized Treatment

Orthodontic Treatment

The purpose of orthodontic treatment procedure is to align your teeth to improve appearance and function. The teeth can be brought to the desired position by exerting a slight pressure on them for several months or even years, using fixed or removable orthodontic appliances.

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Pediatric Treatment

The pediatric dentistry is the branch of dentistry that focuses on children. Pediatric Dentistry mission is to achieve good oral health at early age to prevent the occurrence of oral diseases in adulthood. The essence of pediatric dentistry is the prevention, the education and timely diagnosis of the potential oral problems

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Cleaning and Polishing

While daily toothbrush and floss are essential to maintaining oral health and preventing gum disease, it is very difficult to completely remove all plaque deposits and bacteria from the teeth in this way. Scaling and polishing, every 6 months, is a very effective for maintaining the good oral health.

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Root canal treatment

Do you have pain in your teeth or have swollen gums, then you may need a Root Canal Treatment. A root canal (tooth root) is composed of nerve fibers and blood vessels; a pulpy matrix is filled between the tooth cavity that sometimes gets inflamed due to multiple reasons such as fracture or deep decay.

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Tooth Extraction

Tooth extraction is often feared by the people as a very painful treatment. At RxCura, our specialists ensure minimum discomfort to the patient during and after the extraction. Our specialists prefer to use the alternate methods to save the tooth as far as possible. Usually, impacted wisdom teeth which cause discomfort due to limited available space require extraction.

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Tooth Replacement

If you have a missing tooth, modern day dentistry offer you the artificial tooth roots known as Implant. The dental implant represents an artificial root which is inserted in the jaw at the site of the missing tooth. When the wound in the jaw is cured, new tissue is formed around the implant. Later a crown is mounted on the root.

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Sanjay Patankar

Through Rxcura I found amazing Doctor. The Doctor was explaining the case in details to us that was unexpected because no Doctor spend this much of time with thier patients.

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Shyam Patel

I am impressed by the dedication of the dentists in explaining procedures and engaging with patients. The quality of their work is also excellent.I would thoroughly recommend the practice to anyone.

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Arpit Jain

They bring the best service and experience to make you feel at ease. I've been to many dentist in my life time and they are the best and most professional hands down ! Keep doing what your doing Charlton Street dental I would recommend them to everyone !.

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